MoreMotion Face API



Contains common utility classes. This file must be linked to each MoreMotion page.

Version: $Id: Common.js 818 2011-02-26 20:14:02Z emine $

Author: Erkan Cengiz

Class Summary
Accumulator A utility class to accumulate strings delimited with the specified delimiter.
Exception Represents a MoreMotion Face Exception
GhostForm Represents a Form that is created on the air and is used to submit only the parameters which are really required on the server.
MoreMotionObject Represents a MoreMotion Object.
MoreMotionObjectManager Manager Class that provides methods to navigate through the DOM structure and manage MoreMotionObject objects.
PageInfo Page Information
RequestParameterAccumulator This class is used to accumulate the parameter names and their values.
TextNode Wrapper class of a DOM Node that contains text data.
UrlAddress This class represents an URL Address that includes MoreMotion specific parameters and it provides methods to manipulate its parameters.
WinDims This class provides the dimensions of the current browser window and the scroll offsets of the current page
WindowManager This class provides utility methods related to the current browser window.

Method Summary
static void alrt(s)
           Prints the given string to an editarea element on the current page.
static void findCoords(<HTMLElement> elm)
           Finds the coordinates of the given element in the document and returns an object that has 'left' and 'top' properties
static void Stack()

MoreMotion Face API

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