MoreMotion Face API



Contains Ajax related classes and functions

Version: $Id: Ajax.js 773 2011-02-10 14:40:49Z erkan $

Author: Erkan Cengiz

Class Summary
AjaxRequest Represents a MoreMotion Ajax Request that is responsible for preparing an xmlHttpRequest, sending it, receiving the response and converting the response into the specified response type.
AjaxResponse Represents an Ajax Response.
BusyImage Wrapper Class that operated on the specified HTML element, usually an IMG element whose source is an animated gif.
MoreMotionAjaxManager Manager Class that provides static methods for Ajax functionalities.
MultiPartAjaxResponse The Object of this class is created always by the AjaxRequest object upon receiving a response to its XMLHttpRequest.
PagingInfo Paging Information associated with a data source that serves records in pages.
ResponseRecord Represents a Response Record that is created by AjaxResponse.get() and methods

Method Summary
static void JsonResponse()
           class Response Data Structure The objects of this class are created by AjaxResponse class

MoreMotion Face API

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