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Class TextBox


class TextBox
extends ProcessField

A ProcessField class that wraps a DOM node that contains text data. This class provides methods to manage a read-only text field so that it can be assigned values and hyperlinks dynamically.

This class also provides ajaxRefreshHandler interface which means the wrapped text can be refreshed by the AjaxMgr.refreshFields() method along with other type of ProcessFields.

Defined in Process.js

Fields inherited from class ProcessField
props, elm, needsValueCloning
Fields inherited from class MoreMotionObject
node, name, type, props
Constructor Summary
Methods inherited from class ProcessField
setValue, getValue, getCaption, clear, reset, setModified, isModified, getRecord, validate, focusTab, notify, notifyEx, runValidationHandler, checkValueIsAvailable, checkValueIsNumber, checkHasValidValue
Methods inherited from class MoreMotionObject
saveProps, setProp, boolProp, numberProp, charProp, getIValue, setIValue, runHandler

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