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Class ProcessCommand


class ProcessCommand

Represents a Process Command. This class wraps an INPUT type="botton" or an INPUT type="hidden" element whose name is "__pcommand". The wrapped element must reside in a FORM that ise wrapped by ProcessForm class


 <input name="__pcommand" type="button" value="Delete"
   onclick="if (PMgr.submitProcessForm('ProcessForm1','ExecuteCommand1' ,'Default' ) == false) return false;"
   mo:name="ExecuteCommand1" mo:props="requiredBlocks:'ProcessBlock1', validateInput:true" />
The value and the onclick attributes are not applicable if the element type is INPUT type="hidden". In that case the element is just a process command definition and PMgr.submitProcessForm() call needs to be triggered by another DHTML event procedure of another element in the page.

Defined in Process.js

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 Object props
          ProcessCommand Properties Object.
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Object props

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