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Class NumberBox


class NumberBox
extends ProcessField

Represents a NumberBox Process Field that wraps a TEXT INPUT element and a HIDDEN INPUT element to provide a controlled input field for entering Number data.

While the TEXT INPUT field contains the formatted value, the HIDDEN INPUT contains the pure number value to send to the server. Each time the user types in a new character this class controls immediatelly wheter it is a allowed character and reformats the value in the input field while transfering the pure number equivalance of it to the HIDDEN INPUT ready to send to the server.
Defined in Number.js

Field Summary
 Object DS
          Decimal Separator
 HTMLElement elm
          The HTMLElement object of the TEXT INPUT Element that is visible and editable.
 Object GS
          Grouping separator
 Object props
          NumberBox Properties Object.
 HTMLElement selm
          The object that contains the pure number value to send to the server.
Fields inherited from class ProcessField
props, elm, needsValueCloning
Fields inherited from class MoreMotionObject
node, name, type, props
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void clear()
           Clears values of all the wrapped HTML Elements
 Object getValue()
           Returns the value of this field
 void init()
           Initializes this NumberBox
 void reformat(value)
           Sets the given pure number value to the this.selm.value and reformats the TEXT INPUT field
 void setValue(value)
           Sets the value of this field and reformats the wrapped field(s).
Methods inherited from class ProcessField
getCaption, reset, setModified, isModified, getRecord, appendRequestParams, focusTab, notify, notifyEx, runValidationHandler, checkValueIsAvailable, checkValueIsNumber, checkHasValidValue
Methods inherited from class MoreMotionObject
saveProps, setProp, boolProp, numberProp, charProp, getIValue, setIValue, runHandler

Field Detail


Object DS


HTMLElement elm


Object GS


Object props


HTMLElement selm

Constructor Detail



Method Detail


void clear()


Object getValue()


void init()


void reformat(value)


void setValue(value)

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