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Class ListBox


class ListBox
extends ProcessField

A ProcessField class that wraps multi-line HTML <SELECT> element that may exists inside or outside a ProcessRecord.

 <select name="CITIES" mo:type="ComboBox" mo:value="2"
     mo:props="nonBlank:true" >
   <option value="1">Option 1<option>
   <option value="2">Option 2<option>
Initial value is specified in the mo:value attribute.

Defined in Process.js

Field Summary
 Object needsValueCloning
Fields inherited from class ProcessField
props, elm, needsValueCloning
Fields inherited from class MoreMotionObject
node, name, type, props
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Object getValue()
           Returns the value of this field
 void setValue(value)
           Sets the value of this field.
Methods inherited from class ProcessField
getCaption, clear, reset, setModified, isModified, getRecord, validate, appendRequestParams, focusTab, notify, notifyEx, runValidationHandler, checkValueIsAvailable, checkValueIsNumber, checkHasValidValue
Methods inherited from class MoreMotionObject
saveProps, setProp, boolProp, numberProp, charProp, getIValue, setIValue, runHandler

Field Detail


Object needsValueCloning

Constructor Detail



Method Detail


Object getValue()


void setValue(value)

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